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13 May 2014 @ 03:33 pm
Fic: Waya no Paduk  
Caminante and I combined our love for Waya/Isumi with our knowledge and passion for living in South Korea. It's 11,000 words! It's bilingual! There are recipe links! I even made illustrations!

We were inspired by the blind_go prompts but Caminante wasn't signed up and we couldn't get it done in time so here it is all by itself.

Big thanks from us to whomever came up with the Korea theme. We had way too much fun working with it and hope you guys enjoy it too.

Title: Waya no Paduk
Authors: caminante and hestialuna
Characters/Pairings: Waya/Isumi
Rating: G
Word Count
: 11,028
No archive warnings apply.


Waya and Isumi take a trip to Seoul.

"Waya hasn't really thought much about meeting Isumi's Korean friends. Here at home everybody knows them equally well, because they’ve been inseparable for the past decade, but what if these new people think he’s goofy or not good enough for Isumi? Actually, now that he thinks about it, he’s never been out of Japan before, and the only Korean he knows is that “annyeonghaseyo” means hello and “paduk” means go… What if he does something embarrassing?"

I'd also like to recommend Caminante's first solo fic because it's brilliant and hilarious.

Title: Four Times Ko Young Ha Flirted Shamelessly with the Japanese Pros for Fun and One Time That He Seriously Regretted It
Author: Caminante
Characters/Pairings: Ko Young Ha/Everyone
Rating: G
Word Count: 588
No archive warnings apply.

Summary: Ko Young Ha might have a problem... a flirting problem.