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The hand of God

The Hikaru no Go Community
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The Hikaru no Go Community
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From Wikipedia:

Hikaru Shindo, the title character, is an elementary school student in Kita Ward, Tokyo. While exploring his grandfather's shed for something to sell, he stumbles across a Go board haunted by the spirit of Fujiwara-no-Sai, a fictional Go player from the Heian era. Urged by Sai, Hikaru starts playing Go even though he really had no interest in the game. The arrangement is that Sai will tell Hikaru the moves to make and Hikaru will place the stones on the board. When Hikaru aided by Sai, beats Akira Toya, a boy his age but very skilled at Go, Akira begins a quest to discover the source of Hikaru's strength. Thus begins an obsession which will come to dominate the rest of Hikaru's life while captivating the reader's (or viewer's) attention.

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This community was created around June 2002, partly on a whim, and partly because yuna had an unhealthy obsession over the series at the time. In November 2008, community ownership transferred to aiwritingfic.

The rules are simple:

- No squabbling!
- You may promote your community, but your community must be related to Hikaru no Go (obviously).
- RP and other advertising posts will be periodically removed after a few days.

This community's layout was made by edah in the Hikago Layout Design Contest.

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